Unlocking Your Genius Virtual Retreat
If you want to create EXPLOSIVE growth and change in your finances, your relationships, your emotions, and your career in the SHORTEST amount of time…
...Then Our Upcoming Weekend Virtual Retreat Is PERFECT For You.
A 2-day, online retreat that gets you to unlock your Inner Genius and align your true desires with your authentic self.
Keep Reading To Find Out Why...
Isn't it time you turned "earning potential" into an "earned reality" and transformed limiting beliefs into a heart and mind filled with abundance?
Here’s the deal...

If you want life to change. YOU need to change.

You know doubling down on a system or lifestyle that is not working out the way you envisioned, is only going to increase the gap from where you are NOW to where you ultimately want to be in your life.

You remember the life you envisioned when you first started this "thing"? Right?

A life where you connect on a deeper level with your self and others...

A lifestyle that allowed you to take more time off this year to do the things you SWORE you'd finally cross off your bucket list...

...like that trip to Bali, hiking Machu Picchu, or doing whatever the hell people do at Burning Man.

Instead, year-after-year, you find yourself pushing harder. Working longer hours. Or, trying to find one more online course or coach to trigger a major breakthrough that always feels like it is just right around the next corner.

But, where does your current approach always leave you?

It leaves you...

...with a full mind - bombarded with more information than you could possibly use. 
...throwing your health, relationships and personal/spiritual goals out of the window. 
...and, left trying to pacify a pitch-fork wielding mob of inner voices screaming: "You're not good enough!"

Isn't it time to choose another option?

Burnt Out or Burning Man.

You can continue doing what you are doing now - getting the same results.

Or you can roll with a second option - an option that allows you to instantly tap into your inner genius for maximum growth and greater impact.
What if you were just one weekend away from finally achieving the life, relationship, business and health you always dreamed of?
With the amount of time, effort and commitment you've already invested in growing your own business or coaching career, you DESERVE the payoff.

You deserve to know EXACTLY how to leverage your skills, amplify your results and start every day with confidence.

You deserve to feel like the powerful person you always knew you had on the inside.

And, at this point in your life, you've earned the right to take a break every once in a while, sit down to a decent meal, take a long, hot shower (with your phone on airplane mode) and spoil yourself with some "me time."

"Self Care" shouldn't be this mythical thing with no basis in your reality.

"I have no time" shouldn't be the most frequent thing uttered from your lips.

In a moment, we are going to show you - in a matter of a few days - how you can FINALLY tip the scales back in your favor and bridge the gap between where you are now and what you truly desire.

But before we show you how, there are a few limiting beliefs we've gotta knock out of the way...
3 Liberating Truths You MUST Awaken To Right Now If You Want To Tap Into Your Inner Genius
Limiting Belief  #1 - It takes a long time to bring about an inner transformation that can radically change my life. 

This limiting belief is one of the most common misconceptions around.

But, who could blame you?

After all, most of us have heard about Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000-hours to mastery formula.

It simply isn't true.

We spent many years working with Fortune 500 companies. In a tsunami of change, rapidly cycling economies and emerging business models, CEO's of Fortune 500 companies didn't have time to wait for 10,000 of change work.

They wanted results. And they wanted them yesterday.

With the right tools, we were able to scale a large company's impact and increase their income by leveraging their current talent pool. And we did it quickly. 

The good news? It works at the individual level as well. 
Empowering Belief: 
The truth is: You already have everything you need inside of you right now

You can experience real change in a matter of hours and weeks, not years.

All you need is the correct keys to bridge the gap from where you are now to what you truly desire. 
Limiting Belief #2 - The key to tapping into my inner genius is taking massive action.
We've all suffered from the "action, action, action" syndrome at some point in our lives.

But, aren't you tired of feeling the need to be in constant “action, action, action!” for you to hit your goals?

The fact is, when your goals are set from your ego, you are not in alignment with your authentic self.

And, of course, that's not even the worst aspect of the "action" strategy.

The action approach always put you in comparison mode. You find yourself comparing your success to others. 
Empowering Belief: 
You can use your intuition to bypass your conscious mind and start using the power of your unconscious mind.

When your inner world and your outer world are in alignment, you form a deep connection with your authentic self, stay committed to your goals, and truly manifest the life and business you desire.
Limiting Belief #3 - I need another course, seminar, teacher, coach...

It's not your fault that you suffer from "shiny object" syndrome!

We are always told to look outside of ourselves for answers. 

As a result, you keep searching for solutions, shelling out investment after investment in coaching and training programs, believing that the answer is just one more workshop away.
Empowering Belief: 
The truth is, another training program, no matter how good it is, will not get you to where you want to go, when what’s getting in the way is not “out there,” but deep inside of you.
The Proven Path to Change Your Life, Develop Inner Mastery & Achieve Your Desires
If you've made it this far, you ALREADY know that achieving personal mastery and actualizing your aspirations won't come from doubling down on what you're currently doing.

No need to remind you of that! :)

But, the question still remains: How can we start bridging the gap between where you are and what you desire?

And, more importantly, how can we 10x the process, so our clients experience change almost overnight?

That's the biggest question we had coaches asking for as we were developing our Genius Unlocked system.

As transformation coaches, tasked with creating a new reality for our clients, we knew that our clients needed a new set of beliefsA way to root out limiting beliefs and replace them with affirming alternatives that go to the source of those beliefs...

The Unconscious. 

Our Genius Unlocked system combines Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), professional coaching methodologies (energy work & hypnotherapy), and meditation to create for our clients a deeper connection to their true and powerful, authentic self.

This method guides you through visualizations to tap into your intuition and create goals from your own unique internal representation system. This allows you to live in flow, attract what you want easily and effortlessly and be aligned instantly with your goals!

Once you unlock what’s stopping you, once you align with your true genius, you will find that you can’t help but get what you want, in every area of your life. 

Your aspirations will be drawn toward you like a magnet, and you will be propelled forward with ease toward what you really want.

Ultimately, Genius Unlocked allows you to use your intuition and rediscover your dreams and aspirations. 
Why There's No Better Team To Help You Confidently Unlock Your True, Authentic Self
We are Jenn Beninger and Carson Cooper of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, professional certified ICF, NLP and energy work coaches.

After spending thousands of hours the past decade coaching Professionals and Fortune 500 Companies, as well as running Executive Coach Training Programs, we have learned that the gap between what you currently have and what you desire is inside yourself.

Our process gives you the key to effortlessly bridge that gap in a matter of hours and weeks, rather than years.
Meet Jenn,
CEO & Co-Founder, 
Genius Unlocked
“I lived most of my life, holding myself back — believing that I wasn’t good enough or truly worthy of success — until I found my purpose and what genius I could truly share with the world. True transformation and breakthroughs were the key. That’s when everything shifted for me, and I haven't looked back.”
As Genius Unlocked Founder and CEO, Jenn has refined the art of coaching others on how to delve into what's holding them back and live in their purpose by calling on their intuition. 

Jenn’s true genius and authentic self, have manifested into Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, where she uses her executive experience with thousands of hours of coaching and mentoring to transform leaders personal and professional lives.
Meet Carson,
COO & Co-Founder, 
Genius Unlocked
“My true genius and authentic self wasn’t actualized until I went from constantly seeking outside validation to truly loving who I am. For much of my life, I allowed others to decide my self-worth and never believed the impact I could make when living in my purpose. My mission is to bring out the influential genius that stares you in the mirror every day yet continues to hide behind lies society has told you.”
Carson Cooper is Founder and COO of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute. He has over 9 years of experience as a coach, trainer, mentor, and mediator. Carson has done thousands of coaching sessions and mediations, maximizing people’s strengths to operate in their true genius.
Meet Rachel,
Head Coach, 
Genius Unlocked
"I aim to make our clients' lives easier by revealing their potential, allowing them to trust their intuition, and release any limiting decisions. I plan to change the world with my exceptional life coaching by helping others reach for their biggest dreams and fulfill their true purpose!
Rachel Bailey is Head Coach at Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute. Her journey has taken her from athletic figure skating coach, to health and fitness coach, to now a certified and accomplished life coach. Rachel has thousands of hours of coaching and aspires to help each individual realize his or her purpose.

Rachel practices what she coaches and dreams big as well. Her accomplishments include taking fourth place at the United States Figure Skating National Competition, and more recently, winning the crown and title of Ms. California IJM 2019. Rachel plans to change the world with her exceptional life coaching by helping others reach for their biggest dreams and fulfill their true purpose.
What People Are Saying About Genius Unlocked:
Introducing The...
Unlocking Your Genius Virtual Retreat
, August 24th - 9:00am - 3:00pm PST
Sunday, August 25th - 9:00am - 3:00pm PST
The Unlocking Your Genius Virtual Retreat is a 2-day online workshop that propels you to achieve your greatest dreams in just 90 days by dissolving your fear that's been holding you back. 

We are not a training program, but an un-training program. 

In the two days that we spend online together, you will identify and remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from what you want. 

You will literally erase the obstacles that years of programming have installed in your unconscious mind, and replace them with a tangible and measurable 90-day goal that your unconscious mind can’t help but achieve.

We teach you Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute’s unique way to actualize your goals using your intuition. 

We have found that it’s common practice for coaches to set goals where their conscious mind is doing all the heavy lifting. If your unconscious values don't match your conscious goals, then you will only experience frustration. 

For your goals to be achieved, we teach you to set goals that are in alignment with your unconscious values so that you can manifest the life and business you desire.

It's time to figuratively unwind the DNA that always produces the same results, and rewind it so that you begin to get what you’ve always wanted.
Here's What You Get With This Game-Changing Virtual Retreat
This two-day, live interactive virtual retreat, meditation experience and one-on-one telephone coaching, combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and professional coaching methodologies with energy work, hypnotherapy, and meditation.
  • One-on-One Welcome Call with Jenn or Carson (Value $497) 
The Unlocking Your Genius Action Guide contains all the exercises you will use before, during and after the retreat (with room for notes, discoveries and those precious “Aha!” moments).
  • Guided Visualizations To Tap Into Your Intuition And Create Aspirations From Your Own Unique Internal Representation System
This allows you to live in flow, attract what you want easily and effortlessly and be in perfect alignment with your aspirations 
  • Series of Meditations And Self-Alignment Checks To Connect You With Your Intuition
Everything is Vibration! We all vibrate energetically at our own unique frequency. These exercises help you raise your frequency from a lower, denser energy to a higher frequency of energy and vibration.
The lower your vibration, the heavier your problems seem. The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel. This allows you access to the untapped resources of your personal power, clarity, peace, love and joy. 
  • Unlocking Your Genius Action Guide (Value $97)
The Unlocking Your Genius Action Guide contains all the exercises you will use before, during and after the retreat (with room for notes, discoveries and those precious “Aha!” moments).
Wait...Here's An Exclusive Bonus Just For You!
  • 3 One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Your Choice of Jenn or Carson
Here's your chance to get personalized coaching for a fraction of the cost!

You will receive not one but THREE individual coaching sessions with the founders of Genius Unlocked, either Jenn or Carson, to create awareness around the blocks in your life that will be removed during the virtual retreat.
  • Clarity Towards Your Aspirations
  •  Release Your Resistance Or Your Feelings Of Being Stuck
  •  Inspire You To Step Into Your Unlimited Potential
  •  Guide You To Aligning With Your Desires
  •  Support You In Applying The Coaching Tools And Techniques
** Jenn and Carson no longer offer personal, one-on-one sessions. To get their eyes on what you're working through, with their years of credentials, experience and success stories, is priceless.
You Pay Only:
$58 For This 2-Day Online Event
, August 24th - 9:00am - 3:00pm PST
Sunday, August 25th - 9:00am - 3:00pm PST
*The Virtual Retreat will be held live, with recordings available to watch at your convenience - don’t let time be a factor*
Hear Why People Are Loving This:

"Jenn and Carson’s work is beyond all my expectations. I have worked with a lot of consultants throughout the years. I can honestly say this was the absolute best of them all. So what was the difference? There consulting is an immersive experience with assessments, trainings, conflict resolution, and a customized plan, worth thousands of dollars more than the minimal investment...

 I highly recommend Jenn and Carson, just do it! You will not regret taking your life to a whole new level. 
Nancy D., CEO Health Care Industry

"I tripled my income with Jenn and Carson’s strategies. I was on the verge of leaving my job because of how my manager and I interacted. I resolved the communication issues, was able to provide my manager what he needed, as well as take care of my employees. My employees are more productive, and I love my job. "
Matt G., Civil Engineer, Lead Inspector

"Genius Unlocked gave me so many tools to step into bigger possibilities that I can rise in my own business. I have been in personal development for 13 years, I get it, but working with them released what wasn't working, and I stopped patterns that were stopping me from growing my business. With two of the strategies, she took me through I was able to ask and receive more money and support. That was hard before. I highly recommend Genius Unlocked!"
Christine G. Book Publishing Coach 

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A Guarantee Sooo Good...We DOUBLE It
We're so passionate about helping you actualize your aspirations and start instantly creating from your intuition, that we want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to give a confident "yes."

You get DOUBLE the guarantee!

Our promise is simple.

You will begin seeing results right away during Saturday’s morning session.

Your energy will shift as hope will turn to possibility and possibility to probability. 

By the time we finish the virtual retreat on Sunday, your passion and drive will be set in high gear and you will go to bed Sunday night with the excitement that you used to feel as a kid the night before Christmas.

Throughout that first week after the retreat, you will be seeing opportunities where you used to see only obstacles. With your new clear and focused 90-day goal that you set during the retreat, the fog of indecision and doubt will be lifted, and you will intuitively know what to do next. 
And, at the end of 90 days, when you finally do accomplish what you set out to do, you realize it was inside you the whole time.


Guarantee #1

If, during Saturday’s session, you decide that this retreat is not what you were looking for, send us an email during the lunch break, and we will gladly refund you in full.  No questions asked.
But...we even go one further. 

Guarantee #2

If you get on the one-on-one coaching calls, attend and participate live throughout the two-day retreat, and still feel that it was not worth 10x what you paid for it, email us and we will refund you twice what you paid for it. 

That’s right, we are so sure that our retreat is the best two days you’ve ever spent, that we will double your money back if you don’t agree.
The Unlocking Your Genius Virtual Retreat is PERFECT for you if...
  • ​You're a coach, leader, entrepreneur, coach or speaker looking to connect on a deeper level with your authentic self and clients
  •  You want to unlock your personal genius, so you connect with your true purpose in life (and share it with others)
  • ​You're looking to solve problems with creativity and confidence, breaking through obstacles and barriers that have been holding you back for far too long
  •  You literally feel like you never have any time for yourself and personal growth (the weekend retreat is just the right amount of time)
  • ​You want to connect and trust your intuition to live your true genius, so you can solve problems easier and effortlessly (and make those changes permanent)
  •  You're excited to try new methods to tap into your personal genius, creating more momentum towards what you want in life
  • ​You're looking for more time-freedom - working where and whenever you want (and, of course, realizing the income that you DESERVE)
If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 4 of the 7 points above, then we absolutely CANNOT wait to meet you inside of Genius Unlocked's Virtual Retreat.
So if you're still here... let's wrap up with a lil' real talk.
Look, you can continue doing what you’re doing. 

You can hire coach after coach, spend more money and time seeking out solutions that never work because you aren’t removing the blocks that are keeping you stuck. Perhaps you have an unlimited budget and time on your hands. 

Or, you can spend a weekend with us, untangle what is really keeping you stuck so you can go out and achieve what you really want for yourself and your family, and help others do the same.

By the end of this one weekend, you’ll identify your values that are not in alignment with your behaviors, dissolve the feeling that you can’t do it or you are not good enough to do it and set a 90-day goal that you can’t help but achieve.
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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